Buying Guide For Tillers 2022| The Perfect Rototiller Modern Farmer

Buying Guide For Tillers 2022| How To Pick The Perfect Rototiller Modern Farmer

Buying a garden tiller for your fruitless garden could be the best choice you make this summer. Save plenty of your time and buy a garden tiller to boost your garden yield this spring.

Gone are those days when life used to be simple and gardeners needed to exert so much of their energy while using a digging fork to cultivate their land, now with the advancement in technology we have come with a vast variety of cordless and electric-controlled garden tillers.

Because of the multitudinous varieties and options in the market available today, you might get confused and opt for the wrong choice of tiller so here we have the perfect buying guide, you need to check out while buying a perfect garden tiller.

How to Pick Modern Buying Guide For Tillers

The Type Of Soil

Choosing the type of tiller mainly depends on the type of your soil. If you have a wide area with heavy clay soil then opt for a heavy-duty tiller with up to 6 or 7 horsepower engines. Typically for large gardens and commercial areas, a rear tine tiller is put to use. Medium-sized tillers work for breaking up loam or sandy soil. Primarily they are chosen once in a while for gardening. But if you have to work on established beds and soft soil over and over again then pick a small-sized

The Type of Tiller



If you are looking for a tiller that would cost low on your budget plus give you additional features easy to transport and light in weight framework then prefer buying a front tine tiller for your home garden. The compact size of the front tine can easily fit in between narrow beds and give you fine results. Front tine tillers are preferentially helpful for beginners as they are highly portable and easy to handle.


However, if you are looking for a tiller that would dig deep into the soil to break through the heavy resilient soil then go for a rear tine tiller. They are the best type of tillers for commercial use that easily break through any type of soil with their heavy-duty engine and sharpened blades so you can prepare a fresh garden from scratch. They dig deep into the soil and perfectly chomp and slice the soil to prepare it for vegetation.


The best among all other types is this dual rotating tine tiller for commercial purposes. So you can till a large scale area in quite a less time. Nevertheless, they are a bit expensive but the work it performs is worth its cost. The tines rotate in an opposite direction to wheels and the
tines will allow you to switch between the modes and dig deeper into the soil.

Features to Look For

Tilling width and depth

One of the prime features to look for is adjustable tilling width and depth. Pick up the tiller with adjustable tilling depth, so you can dig as deep into the soil as is required according to the soil type. The adjustable tilling width allows you to cover the maximum surface area in a much less span of time. Also, it allows you to easily cultivate in between the rows of narrow beds.

Adjustable handlebars

It is important to pick a model that has adjustable handlebars that are ergonomically designed so you don’t need to lean or bend over. These collapsible handlebars allow you to easily store your garden tiller in the storage area or transport it through a car easily. Good quality handlebars prevent the growth of blisters on your palm.

Engine Type

If you choose a tiller with an appropriate engine then it will deliver optimal power and torque to the tiller and complete the given task in hours. Prefer buying a 4 stroke engine consumes less fuel and makes comparatively less noise than a 2 stroke engine. A 2 stroke engine requires mixing oil and gas to work while a 4 stroke engine works smoothly and manages the fuel well without the mixing of oil and gas.

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Reverse Gear

This feature allows the gardeners to easily reverse the tiller without any effort required. You can easily till in tight spots or narrow beds with this feature. It provides high maneuverability and great adjustability. Just push a button and your tiller will be reversed in the direction.

Electric Start

Consider buying a rear tine tiller with a simple push button to start. Some people don’t find it an essential feature while buying a tiller. But this is something that should be taken into concern. Because nobody wants to keep pulling a cord to start the machine. Also, gas engines are quite noisy, dirty, smelly, and require large maintenance over and over again. So prefer buying a tiller with an electric start because a manual start might take a lot of your energy. It might cost you a
few dollars more but it’s worth it.

Tines Strength

A tiller is all about strong tines, if you are looking for the best rear tine tiller, then first check its tines. If these tines are designed to break hard soil, then your choice is right. Tines break up the soil and allow nutrients and air to percolate the deep roots of the soil. So choose the tiller wisely while taking into concern the appropriate tines design.


Tilling allows you to add nutrients to your soil as it is also very important for the aeration of your soil. So tilling should be done twice a year.

Once before preparing the soil for planting and then after harvesting. Tilling should never be overdone as it may harm your crops.

Mini tillers or cultivators can be used for the garden smaller than 20 sq feet and the soil which is soft free of stones and tough clods. Mini tillers can easily cultivate in narrow compact rows between flower beds.

However, the powerful engine of rear tine tillers can break through any type of rough compact soil thoroughly and quickly. They can prepare new beds because they dig deep into the soil with maximum tilling width and depth.

Maintenance of a garden tiller requires regular cleaning and lubrication. Air filters can easily remove dirt and debris from the engine. Use a clean towel to clean the tines because sometimes grass and other particles might get tangled into the tines.

Make sure to replace and drain the engine oil regularly. Clean air filter to remove dirt and debris. Replace the spark plug and fuel filter. Inflate tires. Check the grease box, all the linkages, belts, and pulleys.


Our buying guide for tillers will hopefully clarify all your doubts about tillers if you are making up your mind to buy one for the remodeling of your garden.
In the article above we provided you with all the information of great consequence for the best choice of a tiller. Because the right choice of a tiller will save you from time-consuming labor and low yield.

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