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Best Rear Tine Tiller for Home Garden 2022

In case you are planning to make a home garden this spring then buying a rear tine tiller would be at first on your To-Do list. If you have a medium to large size garden then it will require a lot of exertion to plow it manually.

That is the reason you need to buy the best rear tine tiller for your home garden to till hard compacted soil, remove weeds, cut off the grass, prepare flower beds, mix the soil contents, add fertilizers and aerate the soil.

We understand how much effort it takes to prepare a garden for vegetation, that is why our main concern is to help you choose the best rear tine tiller on the market to ease your job. If you are a professional or a beginner gardener then don’t burn through your time and energy searching throughout the web for the best rear tine tiller,

Best Rear Tine Tillers Review from Real Tool 2022

here we have listed the best picks following quite a while of research and affirmative approval from expert gardeners all around the world.

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EDITOR’S CHOICE: YARDMAX YT4565 Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller

An efficient tiller with 208cc viper 2 cycle engine, two sharp hammer tines, excellent for your home garden.

GROUNDBREAKING PERFORMANCE: Troy-Bilt 305cc Forward Rotating Rear Tine Tiller

An excellent choice for a home garden, it features a 306cc Briggs & Stratton engine, 20 inches tilling width, and adjustable speed options.

BEST FOR COMPACT SOIL: Troy-Bilt Pony 250cc 6.5 HP Rear Tine Tiller 

Best rear tine tiller for home garden as it comes with a 250cc Briggs & Stratton OHV engine,16 inches tilling width, and One-hand operation.

BEST BUDGET MODEL: Earthquake Victory 29702 Tiller

A high-quality tiller with a durable 196cc engine, 16 inches tilling width, and tears through hard tough soil.

HIGHEST QUALITY MODEL:  Husqvarna TR317D Tiller 

A durable tiller that comes with 7 years of comprehensive warranty, sealed transmission, and 7 depth adjustments.


A powerful tiller with a Depth gauge feature, 212cc powerful engine and features Dual rotating tines.

YARDMAX YT4565 Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller, 208Cc

Yardmax YT4565 is at the top of the list of the best rear tine tillers on the market, because of its extra versatility and additional durability due to high built quality and exceptional performance on tough and smooth grounds.

It comes in a compact size and would exactly fit into the narrow rows of your flower beds.

 This Yardmax Dual rotating rear tine tiller is available with both a recoil start and a patented keyed electric start. It features 10 tiller tines and 2 hammer tines and an overhand control to improve the overall balancing and handling of the machine.

It is best known for its high maneuverability and easy transportation due to 6.5 inches depth control, which is really an outstanding feature of this model. If you are looking for a garden tiller that would easily remove weeds and aerate your soil by mixing up the soil contents then it is the best choice for your home garden.

The 13-inch sharpening tines offer dual rotation and break even the toughest soil with the most powerful and largest 208cc viper 2 cycle engine in its class.

You can comfortably control the machine as it features one-hand control, so no need of jumping on your flower bed to control this beast. With its hardened brass and steel gears, an adjustable wheel, and drag stake, the tines spin up to 190 RPM. 

With its 2 year warranty, Yardmax YT4565 is easily listed among the best rear tine tillers for the home garden. This versatile machine comes with seven depth positions. Additionally, it can dig up to the tilling width of 18-inches and 6.5-inch tilling depth.

It has 13 inches big agriculturally designed tires that provide easy grip on rocks and uneven soil. The reverse feature allows you to save your energy and easily reverse the machine without bending and pulling. 

According to some of the reviews, we found that the dipstick of this tiller does not support easy engine filling. However, if you use an appropriate size funnel the oiling can be made easy.

YARDMAX YT4565 Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller, 208Cc

YARDMAX YT4565 Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller, 208Cc, Briggs 2


  • Heavy-duty 208cc Viper engine
  • 6.5 inches depth control
  • Excellently sharpened 13 inches tines
  • 190 rpm rotational speed
  • Reverse power feature
  • The poly guard protects you from dirt and debris.
  • This rototiller has extremely sharp steel blades for trimming. 
  • Powerful built-in gearbox for proper torque
  • Lightweight, easy to use.
  • Engine oil filling is a bit difficult
  • The weight of the machine increases with additional attachments.

Troy-Bilt Big Red 305cc Briggs & Stratton 1450 ES Series Forward Rotating Rear Tine Tiller

this powerful troy bilt garden tiller with 306cc Briggs and Stratton OHV 1459 E series engine is designed for efficient cultivating and plowing jobs. It works like a beast and will rip through everything, so it is listed as the best rear tine tiller for the home garden.

it comes with an easy electric start, so no need of pulling the cord. It features adjustable speed options; you can choose one from 4 forward, 1 neutral, and 2 reverse options. 

This troy bilt tiller has an exceptional one-hand operation. So you can control this tilling beast on the unleveled ground by just utilizing one hand.

It gives you peace of mind with its durable built quality and cast-iron encased bronze gear drive transmission.

Its sharply curved-forward rotating tines are specifically made to ease your task of the garden. Now prepare your flower beds in just a few hours. These 12 inches forward rotating patented Bolo tines move in the direction of the wheels and can dig up to the depth of 7 inches and 20 inches in width.


These three tines are designed by professionals for different tasks. However, They work in harmony to provide you with a perfectly tilled garden. 

The rear-sided and full-sided tine shields provide operator protection to tines during professional tiling works. 16 inches big agricultural tires are built to provide traction and easy mobility.

The front bumper on the tiller protects the engine, even a factory-installed full wrap is included around the bumper to protect it. The ergonomically designed handlebars provide maximum comfortability while handling the machine, they provide easy hold on unleveled soil and prevent blisters on the palm during summer.

This model comes with a lifetime limited warranty on the transmission and a 2 years limited manufacturer’s warranty. 

Troy-Bilt Big Red 305cc Briggs & Stratton 1450 ES Series Forward Rotating Rear Tine Tiller

Troy-Bilt Big Red 12-Inch 305cc Briggs & Stratton 1450 ES Series Forward Rotating Rear Tine Tiller.jpg


  • 306cc Briggs & Stratton OHV engine
  • One-hand operation
  • 16 inches big tires
  • Front bumper for advanced protection
  • 16 inches big tires
  • Easy electric start
  • Budget-friendly tiller
  • Durable built quality
  • Rugged performance
  • Poorly assembled

Troy-Bilt Pony 250cc 6.5 HP Rear Tine Tiller 

Troy Bilt pony delivers optimal torque of 11 lb/ft with its 250cc Briggs and Stratton 4 cycle engine that effectively cuts the grass off, eliminates weeds, and gets through the hard compact soil.

The 4 cycle engine gets your job done quickly and quietly without any labor frustration. The better fuel efficiency helps you do gardening with much ease and completes even the toughest of your job.

The easy-to-control design helps you control the machine with just one hand, thanks to the one-hand operation so you can comfortably till the ground in the scorching heat. The plow-style handle provides flexibility and helps you during gardening operations.

The front bumper protects the engine from damage. That’s a unique feature to look for. It provides additional durability to the engine and gives it a longer life, even during the toughest jobs. 

We know how the transmission affects the endurance of the machine. That’s why Troy Bilt has manufactured cast iron with the bronze gear drive transmission with a limited lifetime warranty. The forward rotating tines dig smoothly into the area that has previously been tilled and move in the same direction as the wheels of the tiller.

 This rear tine tiller is excellent for home gardens WITH SHALLOWS BED AS IT CAN DIP up to the width of 16 inches and 7 inches in depth. The 16 inches long bolo tines with depth stake are protected by a 17 inches shield so they are easily mobile and adjustable.

These tines are close to your feet and for safety concerns, they jump forward when they face an obstacle in front of them. 

The power reverse feature allows comfortable handling and can help you reverse the machine at the end of rows without any manual effort. The 13 inches big agricultural tires are solid and sturdy and do not let the dirt merge on them. So it gives efficient mobility to any gardener.

This versatile machine comes with a limited warranty of 2 years for peace of mind. 

Troy-Bilt Pony 250cc 6.5 HP Rear Tine Tiller 

Troy-Bilt Pony 250cc 6.5 HP Rear Tine Tiller 


  • 250cc Briggs & Stratton OHV engine
  • 16 inches tilling width
  • One-hand operation
  • 13 inches agricultural tires
  • Power reverse feature

  • Power reverse feature
  • Heavy-duty machine to break tough grounds
  • Starts on the first pull
  • Rugged performance
  • Levers are awkward
  • The handlebar is not of good quality

Earthquake Victory 29702 Tiller Review 

Are you looking for the best rear tine tiller for your home garden? Here it is, earthquake victory 29702, that lessens your effort and provides you with many conveniences.

In this earthquake rototiller review, we will tell you how this earthquake victory stands out as the best rear tine rototiller. It is easy to operate and is made significantly with a 196cc engine to deliver power and durability to you.

It stands out as one of the best tillers you will find on the market for weeding and aeration your soil without damaging plants. This versatile machine offers you three-position heights and forwards or reverse options. 

Now break your tougher ground easily with this small-sized and light in weight tiller model by the earthquake that will make your soil fluffy without making clods. With 10 inches tilling depth and 16-inch tilling width start maneuvering today! Spend some quality time in your garden with this friendly earthquake’s victory 29702 tiller that features two modes for easy adjustments: freewheel and drive mode.

In the former, the wheels turn independent of the shaft while in the latter the pin engages the shaft and the wheels turn as the shaft turns. The little paddles on the air-less wheels that are of 5.38-inch width and 13.5-inch diameter, provide great traction on the tough grounds. 

This little gardening partner of yours offers you a 4 stroke engine and the self-propulsion it provides is evident. With a single hand operation, the handling has been made much easier and balancing is much better so now you can add nutrients and air-rich seedbed to your stubborn soil with this best rear tine tiller of 2022.

What’s unique?

This aggressive earthquake victory 29702 with its cast-iron design, will tear through your stubborn soil. Easy to work with, extremely comfortable, and boasts low maintenance. An effective addition to your tiller family.

Earthquake Victory 29702 Tiller Review 

Earthquake Rear Tine Tiller, 4-Cycle 196cc Powerful Kohler Engine, Large Non-Pneumatic Wheels, 16” Tilling Width with Reverse


  • INSTANT REVERSE- Unlike almost every other standard rear-tine tiller, the Victory offers a solution for backing up that requires no shifting.
  • At the end of a garden row or in tight spaces, simply pull the reverse lever and walk the unit backward to change direction.
  • 5-YEAR WARRANTY- A bronze gear drive transmission, heavy-duty forged tines, and all-steel construction are all hallmarks of a tiller built to last. Because it is built to last, the Earthquake Victory is backed by a 5-year limited warranty and US-based service and support.
  • Great value for basic home gardening
  • Easy to operate
  • Unique wheel design that pulls the tiller easily
  • Changing wheel mode with linchpins is a bit troublesome
  • Idler wheels are of plastic

Husqvarna TR317D Tiller Review

This powerful, highly durable and finest quality tiller will be the best addition to your tiller family. This tiller model provides a 6.5-inch depth with dual rotating rear tines which makes it the best rear tine tiller for home gardens.

It offers both a forward rotating cultivator and counter-rotating deep soil tiller and helps you in efficiently cultivate your tough ground. This sturdy machine has a sealed transmission for long service life and the tiller tines have a lifetime limited warranty. It has all the features you are looking for in your tiller master.

 Husqvarna is no doubt the best dual rotating rear tine tiller that works like a superstar in your garden with its 208cc engine that makes maneuvering easy as compared to the other competing models.

Husqvarna has stood the test of time for its high-quality products. It features special treaded tires for advanced traction on the rocky terrain and a rotational speed of 190 rpm for fast cultivation. However, in some Husqvarna tiller reviews, we found that the handle adjustments are a bit tricky and might take a lot of your patience. 

This Husqvarna tiller is a bit expensive but it offers you all the features you can rely on. The reverse gear prevents you from picking up the machine at the end of the garden and reverting it in the opposite direction.

It has easily adjustable drag bars to provide balance in many conditions and the remote throttle control provides added safety and convenience. Its 13 crosses and 5 pneumatic wheels provide a better grip on muddy soil. Let us not forget the 7 depth adjustments it gives to its users.

With its wide design, it gives you all the superior features you are looking for in your tiller partner!

What’s unique?

Efficient tilling for most of the soil types, dual rotating tiles with a comprehensive warranty of 7 years. Easy to handle, sealed transmission and heavily treaded tires for agriculture. Powerful engine for optimal torque and power. Easy handling provides superior maneuvering and balance.


  • Easy to assemble, runs great
  • Faster and efficient tilling 
  • Super long warranty
  • Handle adjustments 

Husqvarna TR317D Tiller Review

Husqvarna TR317D, 17 in. 208cc Rear-Tine Tiller, CARB


  • Dual-rotating rear tines offer a 6.5-inch tilling depth
  • Forward and reverse gears make the unit maneuverable
  • Husqvarna engine delivers power and dependability
  • Sealed transmission ensures long product life
  • Engineered tire treads deliver superior traction

CHAMPION POWER EQUIPMENT 19-Inch Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller 

As described in its name, the champion dual rotating tine tiller stands as an ideal choice for every gardener. With its powerful 212cc engine, get the toughest of your job done in seconds.

The heavy cast iron transmission is protected by a bronze gear drive, which makes it durable and reliable. It is listed as the best dual rotating rear tine tiller as it brings to fruition the tiling work in seconds. 

If you have a large garden, then this champion tiller is the best choice for you. The four heavy-duty steel tines work in coordination to breakthrough compact soil and leave a perfectly tilled garden.

These 13.8 inches tines can dig up to the depth of 8 inches, which is the deepest depth that any tiller could dig up to, and have a tilling width of 19 inches. The tines are dual rotating it means you can switch from forward rotating tine to counter-rotating tines keeping in view the type of soil. 

The sturdy agricultural 13 inches tires balance the machine even on uneven terrain without the fear of slipping. It has two gears; forward and reverses. You can move in between narrow rows with this compact tine tiller, without damaging your flower bed.

It has a depth gauge at the back of the tiller, you can adjust it easily and work on a constant depth with the right balance. This durable tiller weighs almost 160 lbs//ft. So it is easy to transport and store. The wheels are easy to adjust, even if they come off the rim you can place them again accurately in their place. 

It comes with lifetime expert technical support and a limited warranty of 2 years for its customers making it one of the best rear tine tillers for home gardens. 

CHAMPION POWER EQUIPMENT 19-Inch Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller

CHAMPION POWER EQUIPMENT 19-Inch Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller with Self-Propelled Agricultural Tires


  • Depth gauge feature
  • 212cc powerful engine
  • Dual rotating tines
  • 8 inches tilling depth
  • Weighs almost 160 lbs/ft


  • Excellent for tough grounds
  • Forward and reverse gears
  • Counter-rotating tines
  • CARB complaint
  • No electric start
  • Wheels come off the rim

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